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the b100m

The Collective - Meet the Chefs

J.D. Hilburn

Culinary Director


the former chef of the two-star Michelin restaurant Danube by David Bouley, Macromia Group has earned acclaim for its exceptional dining destinations. The B100M is their latest endeavor, a meticulously curated culinary haven designed to delight the senses with its approachable gourmet cuisine and inviting atmosphere.

the B100M

 Alejandra Espinoza

Cotoa Executive Chef

Alejandra is a degreed in hospitality management, with an additional diploma qualification in culinary arts and restaurant management from Institut Paul Bocuse. Alejandra opened two restaurants, first one in 2019 called SOMOS, and second after the pandemic called La Guaguasería in Ecuador. SOMOS has been multiple times awarded for its genre-defining cuisine and culture forward experience. She is making room for the people, places and palette of Ecuador at the global culinary table. Alejandra was named UN Tourism Special Ambassador of Gastronomy in January 2024 for her contributions to Ecuador’s cultural patrimony.

Cotoa Miami_-12.jpg

Maykel Vargas

The B100M Menu 


Chef Maykel Vargas presents The B100M menu to all guests as he shares his longtime culinary dream through a phenomenal sensory experience. By incorporating flavors from his roots, Chef Vargas defines taste and euphoria through an uncharted menu that reflects the ingredients of the season.

Yasu Tanaka

Sushi Yasu 100  Biscayne 

Tanaka was born in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, and graduated from the Tokyo Sushi Academy. He worked at Ginza Iwa, a Michelin star restaurant in Tokyo, before moving to America for the Sushi Azabu brand in New York and Miami. In 2020, Yasu and his wife opened their first sushi restaurant, Sushi Yasu Tanaka by Masumura in MIA Market.

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